XLX207 Reflector Part of the BR2SY

XLX207 The Ole’ Tripple Naught!

This reflector is DCS – DPlus (REF) – DExtra (XRF)

sponsored by BR2SY

Now with G3 Terminal /AP connectivity 

D-Star / YSF-C4FM / P25 / DMR





联通 10M Dedicated Internet Acces 光纤专线

移动 10M CMNET 光纤专线

Dell PowerEdge R610 \ Intel Xeon 5620*2 \ 32G ECC momery \ 136G*2 SAS Raid 1


Liaoning Radio Sports Association



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XLX207 D-Star Reflector BR2SY 通联日志You don’t see your call sign here